The Death of Flash … again?

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Oh no! Not the death bell for Flash … again.
Adobe announced that it is going to stop pursuing and enhancing the Flash Player for mobile browsers. They’ll concentrate on HTML5 authoring tools for mobile browsers (Webkit, Opera, etc). This has of course fired up the anti-Flash bandwagon ranting all over the web. Of course, most of them ignore that Adobe is instead concentrating on AIR on those platforms which to me is infinitely more exciting.
Look, I know there is bad Flash out there, but there is also bad HTML5. In fact, one thing I see lacking still, is great, cross-platform, engaging and dynamic HTML5 content. There are lots of experiments that work in this browser or that (mostly Chrome), but how far are we off from real content? We’ve talked about it before on this blog and I still feel it is a ways off.
Don’t take that as CurrentMarketing being anti-HTML5 — we’re anything but. We’re already experimenting with the rest of the world, we’re just not caught up in the hype. We do HTML5. We do Flash still too. And Flex (oh-em-gee I love Flex so darn much)! We create rich internet apps (what the cool kids call RIAs) and we do them in whatever the best technology is for that project.
So, we’ll keep a finger on the pulse of this and play with the edge like we have with the other development we do (iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook and other rich app platforms). Long live HTML5. Long live the Flash Platform.

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