The Official Jeweler of the Siva Family

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When my now-husband and I were ready to start engagement ring shopping, I gave him crystal clear instructions…we’re only looking a princess cut diamonds, the band must also include diamonds and we’re only shopping at Shane Co. You know that I’m fiercely loyal to my team and the Shane Company is the Official Jeweler of University of Louisville Athletics, so how could I shop anywhere else, especially when Genesis Diamonds is the Official Jeweler of another university?
When Genesis first opened in Louisville, I thought they were just another competitor, however once they starting advertising they were affiliated with a rival university, I vowed to never set foot into their building. The lines were clearly drawn, until this spring with Peyton Siva purchased his fiancée’s engagement ring from Genesis, and cut a commercial to promote the fact in the process.
I think this is a great move by Genesis. Not only does this open the door to a fan base that may have felt excluded by their previous advertising, it kicks the door wide open with an endorsement by a player that everyone adores. And since Peyton has graduated and is free from the NCAA to earn a paycheck, Genesis has essentially purchased a University of Louisville Athletics sponsorship, likely for only the cost of the engagement and wedding set. In a business where annual sponsorship agreements can cost upwards of six figures, this seems like a bargain.
It also is a reminder to us media buyers that there are always unconventional options to secure the best value for our clients. We pride ourselves on our negotiation capabilities, but sometimes the best options are the ones that are not even on the table.

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