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When you’re in the business of marketing, efficiency is critical. The faster things get done, the happier the client. So whenever I see someone taking the long route on their computer — like Edit > Undo, for example — it drives me crazy. I want to immediately run over to their computer and hit Command Z. Problem solved. And that’s just one among dozens — even hundreds! Just think about all the time you could shave off of your keyboard and mouse time if you were familiar with even a few of them. Now, I’m not a ‘Shortcut Master’, but here are a handful of basic shortcuts that every marketer — and especially designer — should know:

General Shortcuts:
Command + Z = Undo
Command + C = Copy
Command +V = Paste
Command + S = Save
Command + P = Print
Command + ⇧ + 3 = Screen Shot

Photoshop Shortcuts:
V = Selection Tool
C= Crop Tool
Space Bar = Hand tool
Space Bar + Command = Zoom In
Command + Shift + > or < = Increase or Decrease font size
Command + Delete = Fill with background color
Command + Shift + T = Transform again

InDesign Shortcuts
Command + G = Group objects
Command + Shift + ] = Bring to Front
Command + Shift + [ = Send to Back
Option + Down Arrow = Increase leading
Option + Down Arrow = Decrease leading
Command + Option + Shift + E = Fit content proportionally
Command + Option + Shift + N = Auto Page Number of the Current Page

For a few more comprehensive “cheat sheets” of shortcuts, visit:


  • Cathy
    April 15, 2010, 6:31 pm  Reply

    very nice list to start with! I am a huge fan of shortcuts… saves so much time with the mouse and a lot of wear on the wrist.

    I also tend to lend a shortcut to people who tend to take the long route… I personally love using “command + tab” to skip from one open program to another, it’s my go to shortcut when working between multiple programs regularly.

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