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This week I have a new puppy at work with me.  She is a present for my wife’s birthday and is an American Mastiff.

I present to you, Beefaroni Bouvier, aka Beefy:


1)  CurrentMarketing is cool enough to let me bring Beefy in for potty training this first week of having her.  That is awesome.

2)  Beefy is a total chick magnet.  Usually, only the bravest of souls ventures into the Geek Suite to visit. (Just kidding)

3)  I get to listen to her have puppy dreams in her crate while I work on programming a new iPhone app.


1)  Having her this first week crying her eyes out in the crate cause I won’t let her out.  Tough love is hard.

2)  Beefy is a total dude magnet.  Even the guys are melting over her.  I’m tired of Jimmy D being all “Ooos a good lil girl?  You Are!  Yes oo are!  Beebeeweebee wooooo”. (Not kidding)

3)  Puppy farts that smell like the liver treats I’m giving her for going potty.  It’s seriously gross and I’m pretty sure I could taste the last one.


  • January 6, 2011, 9:54 pm  Reply

    Current Marketing is a great place to socialize puppies! I think she should be the permanent Geek Suite Mascot. The Bouv and Beefy.

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