Thought Hush Puppies was a sunset brand? Penny says, "Not so fast!"

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Hush Puppies recently launched a 2012 Tour (aka Mobile Event) coined, “Off the Leash,” to introduce their shoes to a younger audience. Research told them their brand was dated and appealed to an older crowd.
The tour included a 1967 custom Airstream trailer and an 18-week old puppy named Penny, who was along for the ride. Who would not want to meet this adorable puppy?
The tour included stops at six Belk retailers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee; the Locker Room, near the campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa; and the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, AL, as well as a few music festivals. At the on site installation, consumers were invited to buy and purchase shoes and have their photo taken with Penny. The photos were immediately posted to social media platforms with a Hushpuppies mark on them.
This mobile event has proved to be a fun way to reinvigorate a 54-year old brand and introduce it to a younger audience. We here at CurrentMarketing have found that mobile events tend to drum up  a ton a social media exposure and garner immediate buy-in if people can experience a product first hand.
The tour ends at SoundLand music festival in Nashville, TN where they plan to have giveaways and photo contests. Penny will be present and plans to rock this event in style. Think you’ll go too?

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