Time To Update Your Logo

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Logos aren’t your brand, but they do represent it. As such, if your brand changes, your logo probably should, too. That aside, there are other reasons to update your logo, even if your brand hasn’t changed. Here are a few.

It’s been 7-10 years since you last updated your logo.

Typically, this is about how often companies will update their logos. Like everything else, styles change, and that includes colors, fonts, and shapes. After all, there’s a reason people don’t wear parachute pants anymore. There’s nothing wrong with them, per se. They’re just from a different era. So if your logo looks like it’s ready to tell someone to get off its lawn, you might want to think about an update.

It’s not versatile enough.

If you think about it, your logo does a lot of work. It’s on your signs, your letterhead, website, coffee mugs, pens, and even embroidered on clothing. We definitely ask a lot from our logos, and rightly so. But if your logo isn’t versatile enough to look great in all these different settings, it’s probably time for an update.

It doesn’t reflect who you are.

Businesses change, pivot, and evolve all the time. Sometimes that means what you have as a logo no longer represents what you’ve become. This can cause confusion in the marketplace and damage your sales. If your business has changed substantially, it might be time to consider an entire rebrand, including your logo.

You’ve had a PR disaster.

If your brand has been dragged through the mud because of some nefarious reason or another, then it might be time for a complete rebrand. At the very least you might want to update your logo as some sort of disguise. Put a mustache or a beard on it, and maybe people won’t notice. In all seriousness, a new look may very well signal to people that your brand is changing, and hopefully for the better.

You’re rebranding.

Maybe the market has changed, or perhaps you just realized that your brand isn’t that exciting. Either way, you’ve decided to rebrand, and part of that means you’ll need a new logo to reflect your new brand.

It’s not memorable.

Logos are hard work, and not every logo is going to be iconic like Nike or Apple. That’s okay. It doesn’t have to be, especially if you’re not an international brand. But it should at least be memorable to your audience. If it’s not, maybe it’s time for a change.

If you’re looking to update your logo or even overhaul your brand, you know what to do.

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