Tools of the Trade: Adonit Jot Touch 4

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I recently came across the Adonit site a new stylus called the Adonit Jot Touch 4 caught my eye.  I’ve been using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and stylus for a few years now and really like the way it functions, so I was curious how the Jot stylus differed.  As I ventured through the Adonit site and learned about the Jot Touch a few major differences jumped out quickly.
The first thing I learned was that the Jot stylus is used in conjunction with the iPad or iPad Mini.  You can download apps for drawing & sketching, taking notes or adding edits to a pdf. It don’t think it works with android tablets yet, but I’m sure android apps will come along soon enough for all those folks who don’t have an iPad but still enjoy the fell of the stylus.
Second thing I noticed was how the tip on the stylus is designed.  The Jot stylus has a very fine and sharp tip rather than a rounded bulky tip like the Wacom stylus.  The fine tip has a more precise pressure sensitivity which allows for stroke weight to vary to a greater degree than most other stylus’s with the bulkier tip. The Jot stylus also has a small plastic (or some sort of polymer similar to plastic) connected to the end of the fine tip. This small transparent disc allows you to view exactly were the line will be drawn.  I also assume that the disc is preventative also.  Keeping the sharp tip from damaging the surface of your iPad.
Another nice feature is that you can rest you hand on the iPad while you sketch and only the pressure from the Jot stylus will be recognized.  As someone who likes to sketch this is important because I don’t have to float my hand above the device.  Being able to rest my hand on the iPad would allow for a more natural feel to sketching.
I haven’t had a chance to use the stylus yet, but after watching a few of the videos provided on the Adonit site that highlighted these features, I really want to try the Jot Touch 4 Stylus.  The expert control this stylus provides with line weights and quick color options have lead me to believe the Jot Touch is far superior to my good ol’ bamboo tablet.
I love to just grab a sketchbook and pencil and find a nice quite place to draw and I think this is a great solution for creating that same experience digitally while retaining a natural look and feel to sketching.

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