Top Ten Derby Festival Survival Tips

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T-Minus two days and counting until Thunder Over Louisville, the largest annual fireworks show in North America and the opening ceremonies to the Kentucky Derby Festival.
CurrentMarketing is the agency of record for the Kentucky Derby Festival. With more than 70 events to promote, it can get kinda crazy within our agency. With three years of experience, here are our Top 10 tips for survival of this mayhem.
10) CurrentTrack – Without this phenomenal online agency management system, we would be lost. The archived projects and search feature allow for easy access to past projects. Task management is KEY to the workflow for the hundreds of projects we complete in the months leading up to May.
9) Traffic Manager- Behind every management system, there must be a STRONG traffic manager. We have the best traffic manager around, who knows our procedures and the CurrentTrack system front and back and back again. What is a traffic manager you ask? I don’t have time to answer this (did you not read that there are only three days until Thunder?!?!). So read up on it here. Get one.
8) Feed your Creatives
Feed, Feed, Feed your designers, hell all of your creative staff.
Candy, salty snacks, Diet Mountain Dew, whatever does the trick. This helps keep them glued to their seat and working hard at the task at hand. BONUS TIP: Keep the fluids to a minimum. Too many fluids causes extra potty breaks and that is 3-5 minutes of billable time.
7) Memorize
You must be able to retain information and recall it quickly. Boron helps your attention and memory. It is found in avocados, apples and nuts. Choline is another brain booster found in eggs and milk. Stock up.
6) Team Players
Have a team attitude. And Have a Great Team. Enough Said.
TIP: Creatives love after hours cocktails and more snacks.
5) Focus
We always try our best to clear our minds and FOCUS on all the many details of every project. If it means leaving the office with our laptop or locking ourselves in a closet, we do whatever it takes to stay focused.
4) Take Great Notes
To organize this many projects, you must take detailed notes.
From the initial concept to design to sending a file to the printer, notes are your essential to this process.
3) Ask Questions
No question is a dumb question, only if it does not get asked.
BONUS TIP: Write your questions down as you may forget to ask them later.
2) Reward your Team
We realize we are not in this alone and a pat on the back to your teammates — candy, trophies and other prizes go a long way!
Every job has its ups and downs, but we must make sure we enjoy what we do. We infuse FUN in it as much as we can!

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