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Our traffic team recently attended a workshop called “Fundamentals of Project Management.” It’s great, from time to time, to get back to the basics and revisit some friendly reminders of best practices for traffic in an Agency. I’ve come up with the Top 3 most important things I learned from the workshop:
1)  Effective project managers act as servants
Your success as a traffic manager depends on your knowledge, attitude & flexibility. You are here to serve others, you should be mission focused, fact-based, results-oriented & have a contingency plan for the unexpected.
2) Make sure you are working on the right project
Before going full force in one direction & being wrong, find out exactly what the client needs. The client gives assumptions that need to be interpreted to find out what the real need is, then the scope of the project can begin. It’s worth the extra time in the beginning if it will help improve the process going forward.
3) Did you know that only 7% of how someone sees us comes from what we say?
38% results from our way of speaking and a whopping 55% (!) of the impression we make on another person comes from non-verbal elements, i.e. body language/visual.

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Rob Womack

If there’s anyone who can honestly say, “Been there, done that,” it’s Rob. After traveling the world for seven years in his 20’s, Rob went to LA and started working in film production. Then it was off to New York, where he learned how to program, which eventually brought him back home to Louisville to build websites. At Current360, Rob heads up our in-house production studio, creating all things digital for our clients — videos, commercials, radio spots, and a lot more. 

When he’s at home, Rob likes to create things like homemade kombucha and music.