Two-sided Vehicle Effective for Some Messaging Objectives

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We have all seen cars and cabs wrapped in branding and advertising messages, meant to grab your attention for a few seconds as you drive or walk by. Some are more creative than others, but none really make you stop and think for too long.
Recently I can across an article that details a ride that is far from ordinary! It’s half cab, half cop car, and is being called the “Win or Lose Cruiser.” From the back, you see the bright orange taxi car, but from the front you see the intimidating police logos and hazard lights. If you look closer, you can read “This ride is $20” on the cab side, and “this ride is $10,000” on the police side. The car is meant to stop you in your tracks and think, and target tipsy drivers debating driving home after a night out drinking.
This alternative media “vehicle”  was put into action  by the Richmond, VA police department at a local university. The car was introduced onto the campus this year, after a student was killed in a drunk driving accident. The car has also already been featured on local TV stations and newspapers.
Knowing that drunk driving can be a huge problem on college campuses, I think this is great way for not just students, but all adults to realize it’s not worth it to drink and drive. The small cost for a cab far outweighs any legal fines, but more importantly the emotional pain and loss, that can come from getting behind the wheel intoxicated. I think this cop cab works because it’s an unusual sight to see, and is out of the ordinary when on the road. You can’t help but stare, and then stop and think about this message. I think this really shows the power of an outside the box media message.

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