You’ve used Shazam before, right?  If not, see Megan’s blog from February here!

A few weeks ago, I noticed an Old Navy commercial that included the Shazam logo on the bottom of the screen.  The spot featured a girl trying on different clothes and singing along to a song that I didn’t recognize.

I decided to Shazam the song to figure out what it was and to learn more about Old Navy’s partnership with the app.  The song is “Layer Player” and is on the “Old Navy Records” label.  Pretty smooth, huh?

Once Shazam identifies the song, users have the options to meet the band (just a redirect to a mobile site where you can also spot and download the song), watch the music video (actually a different music video, also co-branded between Old Navy and Shazam), download the song for free (you must submit your email address to Old Navy first), shop the band’s look (pretty cool, I must say) or check out the song lyrics (such as “I can drop my cardi, that’s the way I start the party).

I commend Old Navy for being one of the first companies that I’ve seen partner with Shazam and incorporate it into a national television campaign.  It requires less work for the user to interact with the brand, since they don’t have to spend time searching Facebook or Twitter for the brand’s official page and it also increases the amount of time the consumer spends with your brand, across both the television screen and the mobile device.  The spot can also speak to two audiences, since a smartphone or position of the Shazam app does not disqualify you from getting the standalone sales message from Old Navy.

Two thumbs up, Old Navy!


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