Uh…Groupon? Whuttt?

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I will be the first to admit, I love online discounts that come straight to my inbox.  While I am not always interested in the discounted product I have purchased several Living Socials, Groupons, and Deal Chickens. They get me at least a few times a month.  Recently, I received the typical daily email from one, but was immediately turned off.  Either someone really messed up or their attempt at humor was a huge fail.
For starters the subject line was, “Father’s Day deals for the man who felt you kick inside him for nine months”.  HUH?  Then the picture in the header of the eblast was a man who was pregnant with a kid and his wife rubbing his belly.  DOUBLE HUH? The subject line makes absolutely no sense to me, clearly (unless I missed some huge new revolution) men do not have babies.   Maybe they were trying to be out of the box or funny, but I didn’t get the joke at all.  And, this picture of the pregnant man, honestly, it was disgusting to me.
I was so turned off by this that I didn’t even bother to look down to see what the specials were.  I am sure that they were something related to dads, but I couldn’t tell you anything about the products or discounts because I immediately deleted the email.    I wonder what the advertisers listed in this particular email thought?
What do you think about the subject line and photo?  Do you find it funny or do you find it extremely odd?  Can you think of a better subject line?

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