Uh-oh. CM’s gone Mafia. And Cajun.

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Our Italian Stallion is in da house! Angela Trumbaturi has joined us and she made gumbo for us!
Oh, I forgot to mention her New Orleans roots.
Let’s all get to know more about her her!

CurrentMarketing: What are you doing?
Angela Trumbaturi: Pretending to be in a webinar.

CM: What else?
AT: Looking at pirate dog costumes.

CM: What’s your favorite website?
AT: Right now, peopleofwalmart.com

CM: Where is your dock located?
AT: On the left, down the left, yeah. And it’s usually hidden.

CM: What icon do you click most?
AT: Firefox.

CM: What is the prettiest icon, in your opinion?
AT:I like Tweetdeck’s icon, but I haven’t used it very often lately.

The Bouv: Because of HootSuite?
AT: Yep, because of HootSuite.

The Bouv: I’m looking at peopleofwalmart now.

CM: MySpace? Facebook? LinkedIn? Eons?
AT: Do I have to choose from those? Facebook!

The Bouv: Eons, all the way!

CM: What’s your problem?
AT: The Twitter Fail Whale.

Angela Fail Whale


  • Danielle Carter
    October 21, 2009, 12:23 pm  Reply

    Bringin’ in more of the South. I love this girl! GEAUX Saints and Tigers:)

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