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The most underappreciated component of success

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One thing that good SEO practices and livestock care have in common is that response time is critical to the success of both. While this comparison may seem like a stretch, I found a few similarities during a recent website project.

Max-Strum bovine colostrum supports muscle health, weight gain, intestinal health and greater endurance in livestock. The Max-Strum company needed their website to quickly and easily convey these attributes to potential customers across various platforms who found their site via search engines.

So Current360 redesigned the Max-Strum website to focus on responsive web design (RWD) and enhanced the information architecture of the content.

The reasoning for this approach is two fold: First, it improves the experience for visitors and, second, it appeals to the search engine’s bots/spiders.

Speed is vital for website design

Google began recommending responsive web design techniques as far back as 2001. A major component of Google’s reasoning is speed:

  • Google can discover your content more efficiently as we wouldn’t need to crawl a page with the different Googlebot user agents to retrieve and index all the content.

It has long been known that page load speed is a component in SERP ranking, and it is even more vital in the context of smartphones. At the time of publishing, the average load time for a mobile web page was 7 seconds.

While load times have quickened some, the overall average has not reached Google’s recommended speed practice of having a page load in less than 1 second. Through proper planning and prioritization of content delivery, Current360 was able to achieve this Google standard for the Max-Strum site.

The recent chatter around the SEO-sphere is that Google is planning to begin penalizing sites that are not developed using RWD techniques. So it’s easy to see that speed is firmly entrenched in Google’s thought process, and should be one of the top priorities for any website.

Speed is vital in livestock care, too

Growing up in rural Montgomery County, I was introduced to the practice of showing livestock – such as pigs or cows – at a very young age. I can assure you that the people who participate in this activity have the same level of connection with those animals as you or I have with our family cat or dog.

These livestock owners want the best possible care for their animals. This is where Max-Strum bovine colostrum comes in. But don’t take it from me. Here’s a quote from a satisfied user:

We administered Max-Strum to all newborn lambs and goats during extreme heat. I saw a stronger, healthier kid and lamb in less time.

Mike Harbour, Harbour Livestock, TX (October 2014)

If Mike had waited, the lambs and goats may not have recovered as quickly. Or at all. The immediacy of his response had a significant impact on the health of his animals.

As you can see, speed is a vital component for both effective SEO and livestock care. And, if you need help getting your website – or pet care marketing in general – up to speed, we do that.

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