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I sat through an online presentation in our conference room yesterday about paid posting and I found myself bored to tears within about 10 minutes. The guy did not do his homework and asked, “do you guys blog?” He said he was on a 13-week tour of the country to peddle this new product—that he did not have a business card for—and actually had us write the url of the company on his “other” business card. He pointed out some very base information about blogging which was a big DUH for us and that’s when I noticed the tabs open on his laptop. The first one was “Growing through Divorce.” Now this poor schlep is starting to make sense to me, I thought. He was clearly an unhappy man. I couldn’t tell if he was just tired and irritable or always like this. When I read the tab, I actually began to feel sorry for him. The next tab was for a mortgage company so he was also potentially dealing with a home sale or looking for a new place to live. Then there was the tab that was a spreadsheet of some sort titled “2008 Guarantee.” He was probably forecasting income potential for peddling this new product. And yet another tab for Free Stuff. Funny what you can learn about a person just from reading the tabs.

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