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We have a unique culture at CurrentMarketing. It can be rather difficult to communicate the specifics of this culture to potential, and new, employees.
That’s why we’re creating an internal wiki.
Our website illustrates the personality of our work, our relationship with our clients and the professional side of our people to the outside world. Our traffic system is the 1’s and 0’s behind the smooth operation of the agency.
The wiki is a totally different animal – accessible only to those in the CM club. It’s the headquarters of information more along the lines of stories from our past company trips (the wiki doesn’t observe the cone of silence, unfortunately), who’s who in CM lore and the unabashed history of how CM rose to its position as the Leading Interactive Agency in Louisville.
Of course, the wiki is entirely composed by CurrentMarketing employees, which is what makes it such a special body of work. We have to be careful about our blog lest any innocent ears stumble upon it. But, if you have access to the wiki, your innocence is virtually lost anyhow because you’ve already come into contact with the likes of Dennis Bonifer, Rob Womack and Kati Parrish. Once you’ve seen that Nam-style action, you’re done. You may as well succumb and read the wiki … but only if you’re in the club.

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Chaney Given

Chaney is a talented and accomplished designer and illustrator, who has expanded his skill set to include motion graphics and video editing. With nearly a decade of experience, his client work includes Waterstep, Baptist Health, the Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Schools, First Harrison Bank, and many more