Web 2.0: Evolution in Recruiting?

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Our media department is on the precipice of expansion. We’ll be adding a new buyer in the near future. We need this buyer to understand traditional media, of course…but the perfect candidate will also understand Web 2.0 and how emerging media affects the deployment of our clients’ messages.
So, I consulted our Geek In Charge, The Bouv, who used Web 2.0 to recruit programmers not too long ago. He accepted initial contacts through Twitter and then used live chat as an interview tool. Before he even met a programmer face-to-face, the candidates had to complete a few screening questions through live chat.  If they made it through those basic questions, they were emailed their first test.  This multi-stage “virtual” process saved tremendous amounts of time and energy.
I may not be able to go that far since media buying doesn’t exactly work that way. But, the first step to applying for the job is to follow me on Twitter and then send me a DM expressing interest in the position. twitter.com/mediadarlingkm
Here’s the job description:
Want to put your pointed negotiation skills to work? We are seeking a media buyer with experience in all forms of traditional and emerging media. Special consideration given to those with experience in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia DMAs. The successful candidates must think creatively about media deals and be capable of building mutually-beneficial relationships with outside reps and internal clients. Send a DM to twitter.com/mediadarlingkm to apply.
So, I posted the job on a local website and got a few inquiries. I was a little surprised to find that only ONE applicant followed directions and sent a DM. I had a bunch of emails. I even had one phone call – gotta give that person props given that my phone number wasn’t listed anywhere on the job description.
The point of the DM was twofold:
1. Are you familiar with Twitter? Have you used it? Are you willing to set up a profile so you can DM?
2. Can you and are you willing to follow unconventional directions without hesitation?
I suspect that I needed to be more transparent about the intent with the DM; but, that would have defeated the point of the test, right? What do you think?

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