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We have a red-headed copywriter. His name is Chris. He likes Jaws. And making enemies. We decided he was worthy of our interview process.

CurrentMarketing: What are you doing?
Chris Haberman: Working

CM: What else?
CH: Working on working on something else until I finish what I am working on.

CM: What’s your favorite website?
CH: Currentmarketing.com

CM: [Eye roll] Now, really, what’s your favorite site?
CH: Jesus

CM: Jesus is not a website, Chris.
CH: Okay! Retrojunk.com, which you should check out. 80s nostalgic junk.

CM: Where is your dock located?
CH: My doctor?

CM: Oh, you have a PC.
Luke (from afar): What a loser!

CM: What icon do you click most?
CH: Um…..Mozilla.

CM: What is the prettiest icon, in your opinion?
CH: Word

CM: MySpace? Facebook? LinkedIn? Eons?
CH: I have a Myspace page. I have a Facebook page, but I hardly ever go on.

CM: What’s your problem?
CH: People keep asking me questions all day and I can’t get anything done.


  • May 11, 2009, 10:38 am  Reply

    dock is dock. doc is not dock. click-clock, click-clock the clock does not belong on the dock, doc.

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