We're Back! (and you thought we never left)

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Well, maybe after reading Katy’s blog from Friday, you got a sense of what it was like running this office without an office.
Reminds me of the Ancient Chinese Curse – May you live in interesting times.   Boy, was last week interesting.
I spent my Sunday dodging limbs and 100 year Pin Oak trees that were falling in my neighborhood.  Lights out at 1:00 p.m.
Monday brought the scramble to connect.  No electricity at the office either.  Like others on our account service staff who were left in the dark, I camped out at the corner coffee shop to keep business moving. I quickly realized the early bird got the power outlet.  Kati Parrish, our lone Account Exec with power, set up a mini-agency with an Art Director in her home.  Jacky, Allison and I were nomads.
As homes and businesses lit up throughout the community, CurrentMarketing’s and my own were way down the list.  So every day, I’d get up and run to the coffee shop by 7:00 to ensure electricity — less than 50 yards from my own back door — and catch up on emails, make sure clients were getting the info they needed, deadlines got met.   Associates outside the company never even felt a bump in the road.
Yes, CurrentTrack was a godsend last week.  And so many other internal lines of communication — email, phones (forwarded to cell phones) flowed just like an average day at the office.
My goal as leader of the account service staff is to make every client feel like our most important.  So in the end, clients who didn’t know our predicament conducted business as usual with us.  Clients who did know, saw our efforts to perform above-and-beyond.

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