People outside the agency world ask me, “What do you do?” I love to answer this question because I usually get some funny looks. It’s obvious by the looks that people think I literally direct traffic.

So, for you newbies…or even oldies…here’s what a traffic person does for an agency:

1)    Open jobs (projects) upon the AE/AC’s request
I review the initial information from the client meeting and request additional info as needed (timelines, specs, etc…). I prepare a workback schedule that produces a project timeline and deadlines for all steps of the project to completion. And, on a more intangible level, I act (react) quickly to “hot” jobs/projects as they come rolling into our place.

2)    Manage workflow…yes, ALL of it
I revise all of the workback schedules as needed/requested in our traffic system. I am responsible for routing materials, which entails following all creative from the beginning of the project all the way through to delivery to the vendor and client. In short, I follow EVERY project from start to finish.

3)    Improve agency communication through all departments
Yeah, this is a big bear, as you might expect. I am the “Consistency Police.” I make sure all of our processes and procedures are as effective and efficient as possible and am responsible for evolving the traffic system to meet our agency’s needs.

In short, my two cents is that an agency without traffic is like a bicycle without wheels – it won’t go anywhere.


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