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What Services Should Your Digital Marketing Agency Offer?

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Digital marketing has become the most effective and efficient means to identify and persuade potential consumers of goods and services today. That’s why digital ad spending is predicted to reach $375 billion by 2021. Companies must do all they can to stay competitive, especially since they’re competing with the entire world now.
Since you’re likely managing many tasks on a daily basis, you likely don’t have the time necessary to master every nuance and detail related to digital marketing. You need digital marketing partner that is professional, detailed, and willing to work within your budget.
As you go through the process of selecting a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to carefully consider the following:

  1. Digital Strategy:
    Many digital marketing agencies skip this crucial starting point altogether. They do so at YOUR peril, because you can’t simply log into a social media account and expect to gain adoring fans and followers immediately. You need to know the rules of the platform. Your digital marketing partner should identify your ideal buyer persona, understand your market landscape, identify your ideal messaging channels, and examine your customer demographics. The result will be a comprehensive digital strategy related to these findings, positioning your business strategically for success.
  2. Branding:
    With so many brands on the internet today, it’s critical to find a way of standing out from the clutter. That where digital branding comes in, deployed consistently across all imagery emanating from your company. You’ll need consistent colors, a great logo, and continuity through your content. Done in a comprehensive manner, consumers will even come to associate certain images, color-pairings, and audio cues with you, and only you. You can likely recall McDonald’s colors instantly. That came from consistent branding.
  3. Social Media Marketing:
    Close to 2.77 billion people worldwide log into social media every single day. That makes it one of the most effective ways to reach a massive amount of people with just a few clicks. Ideally, your digital marketing agency will have a department devoted solely to social media, social strategy, and social content. You need original and eye-catching and engaging content to stand out from the competition.
  4. Video Content:
    Did you know that video is the most consumed form of content via websites and through social media platforms today? We’re busy people and time is money. It follows that a typical consumer is going to watch a 12-second video much more readily than reading a 3-page white paper. You need video on your website, social channels, and YouTube channel, at the bare minimum.
  5. Website Development
    Your website is digital storefront for your products or services. It’s the funnel that can persuade a customer to click “buy” or “call.” Your digital marketing partner should lead the effort to continuously refine your website design and development, as well as content updates to ensure it adheres to the latest SEO techniques to address Google’s latest search algorithms. Successful digital agencies consider website development a never-ending effort.


Here at Current360, we provide digital strategy, expert branding support, video creation, website design and programming, and social media marketing expertise for all of our clients – five services pivotally important for any successful business today! In short, “We Do That!”

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