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It’s the new technologies that we’re focusing on in the marketing world because
that’s what everyone wants. How can we be the first, the freshest?

With all the excitement over interactive marketing, many in our industry talk about print media fading in the distance. Everyone wants the newest news and
trendiest products at their fingertips. While the Internet, email and texting deliver on that consumer demand, print, outdoor and other traditional media are trying to keep up.

But don’t count them out just yet.

Just like advertising agencies, the successful media that will be around to see
Web 3.0 will integrate their benefits with the ‘Net and interactive technologies. For example, we’ve seen digital outdoor boards popping up everywhere, but on
March 5th Clear Channel launched a new round of digital outdoor boards
sponsored by the Los Angeles Times’ and will feature the latest breaking news.

A great example of traditional media remaining not only relevant but competing to keep their spot in the media by integrating interactive marketing tools to remain in today’s ever-fragmenting media market.

So watch out y’all! Even outdoor advertising — possibly the oldest medium — is back in the media race for success!


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