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TARGET is one of my all time favorite brands. Their merchandise is trendy, the quality of their clothes is top notch and their promotions are fun. I almost always have a smile on my face after any Target shopping experience and proudly sport my Target-branded recycled bag full of goodies, including $1 bin items.
Recently Target leveraged some event marketing to launch a new store line, CityTarget. These stores are about 1/3 of the size of stores located in a suburban area and will carry home goods, apparel, beauty and grocery products that appeal to young, city dwellers.
Some of the events leading up to the opening of the Chicago location included alfresco spinning classes at Millennium Park on Target-branded bikes, a mobile coffee shop in Riverside Plaza with coffee samples in CityTarget cups distributed to morning commuters and  a Target “Go Tube” mobile shop on North Avenue beach offering beach-related products for sun dwellers.
They have plans in 2013 to open more locations in LA, San Francisco and the LA area. I am pretty sure CityTarget will not have a footprint in good ol’ Louisville, KY, but if they do this loyal Target customer will be in line even though I am not the “Target” audience.

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