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It isn’t. In fact a little time spent defining your company’s brand will lead to big time (and money) savings down the road. How so? Well, by distilling and formalizing your company’s key traits, value propositions, personality and values, you take much of the guesswork out of communicating. That means that every time you sit down to craft an email, a press release, an ad headline or a major campaign, the hard work of deciding how to present your company has already been done.

Because let’s face it, marketers burn hours — days even — trying to decide whether this or that message is too serious, too silly, too creative, too sappy, too young or too stodgy to represent their company. Good branding works by establishing a set of rules by which all your communicators (staff, firms and vendors) play. The result is better, clearer, more consistent and more effective communications — and a lot of dollars saved in meeting and creative time.

So in summary: why brand? Simply to ensure that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you set out to speak to your customers, stakeholders or employees. Try it, you’ll like it.


  • February 5, 2010, 11:09 am  Reply

    Branding is very important and I would venture to say that those who have enjoyed this process feel very committed to it.

    My experience has been with branding, but more or less re-branding. I can say that branding is a task in itself, but I can also say re-branding was more tasking for me.

    I realize that not all re-branding would take the paths that I have, but you never know. The re-branding process involved the all inclusive branding methods. It also involved a-lot of creative ways to express the same image that the client wanted, but “in a different way”.

    Its a fun process to be involved in. There is “mucho” communication on a constant basis, and there should be nothing less. This is a big collaborative event from all that have stake in the brand/company.

  • Holly Goodyear
    February 28, 2010, 6:39 pm  Reply

    Hum? In our latest generation of human species, it reminds me of tats. You know, getting inked. Although in some facet someone with alot to say will tat all over and a story is told. Not a negative, but which is the original brand? I guess we will just have to ask!

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