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Last week I watched the new series “The Ex List” on CBS.  It’s about a 30-something florist, Bella, who visits a psychic that tells her if she wants to ever get married she will have to do it this year or it will never happen.  The catch is that she doesn’t have to meet a new guy and start from scratch because she’s already dated the guy at some point before.

In the series premiere, Bella gets reacquainted with a singer that she dated 7 years ago.  She thought perhaps he had matured from the emotional cry baby she dumped back then, so she invited all of her friends to check out his band playing at a local bar.  Too bad that he dedicated a song to her called “You’re a Crazy Bitch and You’ll Die Alone.”  I think she pretty much got the point after that.

Since she has to find Mr. Right within a year, I do wonder how the writers will be able to keep stories about Bella and her crazy ex-boyfriends fresh.  But, I’m sure there are plenty of female writers on staff that have dated a ton of train wrecks!


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