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Does it bother you when you go to a website on your phone and there is no mobile friendly version? Since mobile browsing is only increasing having a site that adapts to the small screen is becoming imperative. I found a website dedicated to calling people out on their terrible (or great, but less often in praise) mobile version of their websites: WTFmobileweb.com.

Look through the comments and examples to see what people think about mobile browsing and the problems that arise when adapting for our phones or tablets. WTF mobile web is a blog that claims they didn’t create the website to “be mean” but their purpose is to be helpful. They also have a section called “Do It Better” that has links to tutorials and advice on building an adaptive website.

The folks at WTFmobileweb.com are adamant in their message that there is no Mobile Web, there is only The Web, which we view in different ways. It’s sort of along the lines of the whole “Responsive Web Design” argument. If you’re interested take a look at the discussions on WTFmobileweb.com and/or submit a site you know of that you think could use some improvement when viewing on a smartphone.


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