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I was lucky enough to get my order in early and now I’m headed off to San Francisco in June.

It’s not all awesome seafood and Rice-a-Roni though — my brain is probably going to melt from all the info I’m going to absorb. CurrentMarketing is continuing to push the boundaries of what an agency does in-house and our already hi-tech group of geeks is playing around with mobile development! And so far it has been a heck of a trip. As resident Geek In Charge, I’m heading out to WWDC to cram my cranium full of as much info as possible.

Objective-C coding classes, core framework hands-on labs, and of course user experience (UX) sessions.  Not to mention what I’ll learn just talking to people there.  Getting the feel for everything happening in iPhone development that is between the lines.  I usually find those between-session and after-hour conversations to be almost more beneficial when going to a convention.  And of course I get to hear about all the new Apple products first hand — that’s pretty dang sweet.

Stay tuned to this blog.  I can’t wait to say “There’s an app for that … and we built it.”


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