Your Checklist for Transitioning to a New Digital Agency

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Whether you’re dissatisfied with the current performance of your digital marketing results, or you’re considering a new direction for your company and need fresh visionaries on the project, many marketers find themselves transitioning to a new digital agency today.
It’s prudent to shop for the best fit in digital strategists, which is why we prepared the following checklist covering everything you need to know as you embark on selecting a digital marketing partner.

  1. Obtain All Logos
    If you don’t already have them, collect all logos of your company from your current partner(s). This includes the vector versions, which can change size without affecting the quality of the image. These vector drawings can only be created in programs like InDesign, so you need to obtain the original files from the graphic artists at your current agency before you make the jump.
  2. Change All Passwords
    Although social media sites, like Facebook, enable you to add administrators, other platforms like Instagram still require you to give your password to the digital marketing agency. Therefore, it’s important to change all passwords as you enter into a new digital partner relationship.
  3. Obtain Website Rights
    Most companies that create websites will register your URL as part of the project. When they do this, they technically own that domain. It’s always wise to maintain status as “registrant” of your domain name. If you’re not now, ask your current partner to transfer that ownership (even if you’re not contemplating a change) as a matter of good business hygiene. Should you, in fact, take on a new digital partner, they will need to be able to access the back-end of the site.
  4. Do Your Research
    Do you need a digital or traditional marketing partner? Or one with strong capabilities across all disciplines? Knowing which capabilities you need will help narrow your search. Ask people you know to be successful about their partner experiences. Be sure to pick an agency that’s well established, has a proven track record and you feel a solid chemistry when meeting with them. Are they listening to your needs and objectives or just trying tell you how great they are to work with?


Here at Current360, we’re marketing strategists determined to change the trajectory of your company. We do it by getting a solid understanding of your business, your industry and your objectives. Then, with our first meeting, putting you on the road to success.
If you’re tasked with selecting a new marketing team, read our other blogs about what you should expect out of an agency today.

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