547 days' worth of music!

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We here at Current360 like to have a little bit of fun every now and again. Well, actually, probably more frequently than every now and again. Maybe a more appropriate way to say it would be “every now and now” or “every again and again.”
So, we were all lounging about over lunch one day, discussing how much music we collectively house in our iTunes libraries. The number is absolutely astounding. Then, we started talking about how many pets we have and again, we came away with the word “astounding.”
The point to this story is that we asked a bunch of questions of our employees, gathered up the data, organized it, wrote funny stuff about it and made it all handsome-like. Take a look!
* And, yes, tomorrow, we’re reaching out to see when Peyton can start his 35-day stint with us.

Note: It may look as though I (Katy) wrote this post, but it was truly the hard work of several individuals to pull together the info, distill it, decide what was important, write clever quips and design this beauty. So, my role as “author” stretches only to the point in which I mashed the buttons to load it into the blog. End of disclaimer.

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