7 Ways to Boost Your Organic SEO in the Retail Industry

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With the increasing trends of online shopping and “webrooming” – the process of researching products online before purchasing them in a store – the importance of being found via organic search in search engines and captivating the user is becoming a higher priority by the day.

Being the go-to brand or website that a user is served, based on what the search engine deems relevant, is a massive win for your digital presence. But with every retail brand jostling for this position, the competition for premium organic space is fierce.

Here’s How To Best Position Your Retail Brand for a Quality Organic Search Return

  1. Be sure to have quality, on-page content that is relevant to the user’s search term
  2. Refrain from using duplicate content within your site or from another site
  3. Include customer reviews, ratings and testimonials wherever possible throughout site and on product pages
  4. Utilize unique SEO components (page titles, meta descriptions, URLs & header tags) for each page of your website, and make them relevant to the user’s search term
  5. Build a responsive website that creates the same shopping experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  6. Become an industry thought leader by generating original online content – including blogs, e-newsletters, social media accounts – that will build a community around your brand
  7. Set up a Google+ account for your brand and verify all your brick & mortar locations for local search return opportunities

This list is not an all-encompassing blueprint to achieving an ideal organic search return. In fact, simply maintaining a quality position is a never-ending task. But it does give you a good place to start. With search engines constantly modifying their search return algorithms, you must stay proactive in every aspect of your brand’s digital presence to stay relevant.

As user preferences for researching, shopping and consuming information continually shift , digital – including SEM, SEO, retargeting – and social media campaigns have been garnering more attention and larger budgets from brands’ overall advertising budgets.

At Current360, we have digital media and social media teams devoted to building and maintaining a brand’s presence in the digital world. If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities, connect with us via one of the options below.

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