A Note on the CurrentMarketing Halloween Party

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One of the most well known perks of working at CurrentMarketing is our incredible company culture. In fact, whenever I tell someone I work here, it’s usually followed up with one of the following two responses: either “Oh, you guys do Tumbleweed, right?” or “Oh, you guys are always doing some kind of awesome theme party, right?” To both, I respond with a resounding “Yep, that’s us.”
While of course we love all of our clients equally, not all of our theme parties are created equally. Field Day is an uproariously funny competition that puts spirit and creativity to the test, but it’s an employees-only event. And our December Holiday Spectacular has great food and fabulous prizes, but is limited to employees and spouses. However, for one glorious night a year, we open the doors and crack the windows of CurrentMarketing agency life just little wider and let a few extra special guests inside. That night is the CurrentMarketing Halloween Party.
Now what I am about to say, I say without one iota, without the slightest inkling of sarcasm or exaggeration: an exclusive invitation to our Halloween Party is a reason in itself to become a client or vendor of CurrentMarketing. And there are a lot of great reasons to be our client or vendor, so that’s really saying something.
I didn’t believe it at first either. But last year, my first Halloween since starting at the agency, proved to be one of the wildest, most hilarious, and just downright best parties I can remember going to in years. Allison and the “Playmates” (our events team) just know how to throw a great bash.
So if you’re on the guest list…I’ll see you there! And if not, how about sending some new business our way? I mean, there’s always next year.

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