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Since it’s inception in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has been a big hit.  Also since 2005, the staff of Seattle Grace has been plagued with the same issues that just never seem to resolve themselves.  Dr. Derek Shepard and Dr. Meredith Grey can’t seem to get it together, and almost every episode expresses this.  Why should this season be any different?
Now don’t get me wrong.  I love this show!  And even though the plot never really seems to change, I’m glued to the TV every Thursday and probably will never stray.  Like most dramas, the characters have become friends of mine and I look forward to our time together.  But just like friends, I get annoyed with them, too.  Meredith has got to calm down.  Medication anyone?  When the icicle fell on Christina, I secretly wished it had fallen on Meredith to shut her up.  She has got to find something else to talk about.
The other original characters need a bit freshening up, too.  Just like in seasons before, Izzy is falling for Alex again, George is still the nervous and naive intern Christina is the most cynical person ever (although I really enjoy it). And just when you think Alex has turned into a nice person, he turns back into the jerk he truly is in the same episode.
The newer characters, however, have mixed it up a little.  Callie and Erica seem to be heading into a relationship together.  Callie also made an attempt at a new freezing procedure to bump Seattle Grace from number 12 in the rankings, but failed when the patient passed on the table.
I can’t wait to see what the new season brings, and hopefully new life will be added to all that serve Seattle Grace.


  • Derek and Meredith move in and move back out.  They will obsess about it all season.
  • George will retake his exam, pass, thank Lexie for encouragement and begin to date her.
  • Izzy and Alex will dance around, get together, and it will be over by the end of the season, with Izzy still dreaming about Denny.
  • Callie and Erica will attempt a relationship, which will no doubt stir rumors and excitement, especially with Sloan, and that will end within the next couple episodes.Bailey and the Chief will find a way to boost Seattle Grace into the top 5 again.  Will the Chief retire?
  • Christina, the most cynical of all, will fall in love with Major Hunt and will find herself in a long distance relationship when he returns to duty.

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