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So how did the hipster burn his tongue, you ask? That’s easy, he ate his soup before it was cool.

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, a soup for hipsters. But wait just a minute, do hipsters even eat soup? Apparently, Campbell’s Soup believes they do. That’s right, the staple of American lunchtimes everywhere was repackaged and rebranded as Campbell’s Go Soups, with hip looking spokespeople, a tumblr-y website, and six new flavors like “Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda,” “Moroccan Style Chicken with Chickpeas,” & “Spicy Chorizo & Pulled Chicken with Black Beans.”

But that is not all folks, prepare to have your mind blown, Campbell’s soup now comes in a bag. Clickz.com reports that “the bold microwaveable packaging is trying to cultivate a whimsical, humorous personality for the line to attract Millennials. Campbell’s is also pushing out a slew of digital content to draw the attention of these 20-somethings.”

They have dubbed it Campbell’s Go and have created both Facebook and Tumblr pages to support the brand. They’ve also established a partnership with BuzzFeed that Campbell.  The Facebook page was just launched in October and already has 111,000 fans.

Campbell’s is collaborating with WPP Group’s H+K on a project basis, but it works with Interpublic Group agency Weber Shandwick on the majority of US retail work. Sergio Morales, SVP and head of H+K’s New York consumer marketing practice, said the agency researched Millennials to figure out how to authentically reach that group. “Breaking through to Millennials is never an easy thing,” he explained. “We found that a lot of Millennials are very into social eating, so they are always on the run, but when they sit down to eat, research found that they are actually okay with sitting in a communal sitting and eating at communal tables.” With the research in mind, Morales said H+K wanted to facilitate the group-dining environment and bring in influencers on a range of topics to start conversations with Millennials.

What do you think? Will the average sushi-munching Millennial, think Campbell’s is about as cool as a Buick, or a Vespa 50CC?


  • Angela
    December 12, 2012, 2:55 pm  Reply

    Great topic, Chelsea. I think they majorly missed the mark and imagine someone blindly making assumptions about their target audience without actually thinking about it from a strategic standpoint. “Oh, Millennials love music! They use Spotify, so let’s create soup-inspired playlists!” When in reality studies show that Millennials are completely turned off by such forced attempts at online marketing. And honestly it doesn’t even take a study to realize that. No one wants to be force fed soup, much less soupy music!

  • Matt
    December 17, 2012, 11:58 pm  Reply

    haha! this hipster soup is hillarious. the words “hipster soup” are exactly what I thought after first seeing this stuff. I work in a supermarket and was amazed to see this stuff on the shelf. As far as I can tell no one ever buys it and the store where I work is in close vicinity to a collage so the store is always brimming with hipsters. They seem to prefer the nature section with the big plastic containers full of granola that they can graze on without paying anything. Honesty I think any hipster would be embarrassed to buy that soup. Im not hipster but I’d also be embarrassed to buy that or see anyone else buy it. Seriously if I wanted to try it Id go the personal checkout, even then its not priced very well.

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