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One of my biggest passions is traveling.   Shortly after I bought my iPhone, I traveled to Chicago and put it to the test.  I found that I could search anything from where to get the best cupcake near my hotel to train schedules on the Metra.  Here are a couple other great apps I’ve used:
Southwest Airlines has a great app that allows you view flight schedules and will even let you check into your flight.  They also offer special “Ding” offers that are only available through the app.

I’m all about location when I travel. I prefer to stay in urban areas where I can walk, take a train or catch a quick taxi ride.  Yelp and AroundMe apps both let me find restaurants and places near my hotel.  The Yelp app is great for giving you ratings from other users so that you aren’t blindly walking into a place that might be below your standards.

While Yelp is great, I’ve found that AroundMe has a more expansive listing of places.  Both apps will link you right to the location on Google maps making finding it a breeze.

My Mom would have loved this last app.  When I was a kid we always had to hit a Cracker Barrel on every road trip we took. Sometimes it would be for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  If iExit had been available in the 80’s, my Dad would probably have less gray hair right now.  It allows you to save your favorite restaurants, and it will alert you about exits along your route that feature your restaurant selections. Genius!  I use it for coffee and snack stops along the way.  A good road trip is always about the snacks, right?

If anyone has any great travel apps they use, I’d love to hear about them!  I’m always searching for new ones.

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