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We all know it, some fear it….the moment when you find out who you will be sitting arm to arm with on a plane. Most times I dont seem to think to much about this, but usually one bad trip will make wish there was an alternative. Recently on a trip to California, I was seated next to young boy that enjoyed tapping me on the leg while sleeping! Multiple times he wanted to show me the view, but there was also the R2D2 toy he pointed out from the Sky Mall magazine. The trip back to KY wasn’t much better. This time I was next to a man that ordered about 6 beers, which meant I got up about 6 times for his restroom breaks! Now we may have more control of our destinies! What if you could choose your seat-mate based on Facebook profiles? One airline, KLM Dutch Airlines might be making this possible in 2012.
While booking your flight, you could have the option to see the Facebook profiles of other passengers (that have opted in the program!). See someone you might like to spend a few hours next to? Book next to them! Or see someone you want to stay far, far away from, this program could help there too! Some say this could be a version of online dating, miles in the sky. You could also see if any friends or family members are on your flight!? Either way, social media stays one step ahead, even in the air!

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