How to write copy for a Sh-ty Zappos Product

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How excited do you think Mr. Copywriter was when he was assigned to write the description of their newest Zappos gear, The Sh-t Product?

For those who haven’t heard, Kanye West was sh-t talking once again and this time about Kentucky’s own shoe mogul, Zappos.

A well-spoken West was quoted saying, “I got into this giant argument with the head of Zappos that he’s trying to tell me what I need to focus on. Meanwhile, he sells all this s–t product to everybody, his whole thing is based off of selling s–t product.”

Naturally, the online shoe retailers responded the best way they knew how. With retail genius and passive-aggressive copy.

Bravo Zappos, way to turn a sh-tty situation into marketing gold much better than this guy.


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