Hyperbole Year II: 2nd quarter, chock full of Fake Punts

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Thanks, Nick. You stay classy.
The second quarter sounds like it was a little better than the first. I agree completely with Nick that movie trailers don’t count – big budgets and existing banks of footage don’t present any challenges for a Super Bowl ad. Nonetheless, I will see Star Trek and Up based on the trailers I saw. Maybe Monsters vs. Aliens if I get time.
I’ve grouped my set of ads into three categories:
Fake Punts (my absolute favorite play in football)
Onside Kicks (my second favorite play in football, although it can be somewhat predictable at times)
Running Plays (I hate the running game – just throw it already!)
Running Plays:
If I never see another ridiculous talking baby or frenetically dancing lizard, it will be too soon. For the love of Kelly Kapowski, Etrade! Come up with another idea!
At the end of the day, Hyundai….you’re still Hyundai. Regardless of awards.
Is it really appetizing to eat something (Cheetos) that attracts pigeons? Not so much.
Onside Kicks:
Budweiser, Gatorade and H&R Block did nothing for me. Not buying anything from those companies, but at least they aren’t as bad as the Running Plays.
Fake Punts:
The Cars.com ad with the prodigy kid reminded me to look for a 4-wheel drive vehicle after I have been dealing with snow/slush/ice for 10 days in my low clearance Volkswagen Bug. Clearly did its job.
The Bud Light Drinkability skiing ad was very clever, IMHO.
The Teleflora Rude Flowers spot was hilarious and totally worth the animation costs. These guys went right after flowers.com and their boxed delivery.
And the King of all of the Fake Punts:
Nextel Roadies!!!
Love the concept, the execution and the placement of this ad. Worth the production and media dollars, Nextel. Well down.
Over to you, Jimmy D. Keep it crack-a-lackin’.

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