Information Architecture’s Role in Website Projects

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Project Objective:
Enhance the existing brochure site to a responsive online marketing tool to promote the Max-Strum product and drive sales leads in 2 target markets:

  • Production Livestock owners
  • Show Livestock owners

The Existing Site:
Production Livestock and Show Livestock target users have distinctive demographics and psychographics. Additionally, each user is also looking for different product benefits to aid in solving a need specific to their industry uses.
Bring the “Production Livestock” and “Show Livestock” content to the forefront of the homepage content and main navigation. This distinguishes the user flow and allows the user to find and navigate to relevant content pertaining to their specific needs quickly and easily.
Additionally, the lateral hierarchy presents the following industry and animal-specific content the user is seeking in 2 clicks:

  • product nutritional benefits
  • dosage information
  • customer testimonials
  • call-to-action to contact the Max-Strum sales / support staff

The streamlined user flow leverages the website as a lead generator for users to become informed and contact Max-Strum’s sales / support staff to either receive further information or set up a custom regimen tailored to their needs.
Once guided to the appropriate silo (Production vs. Show)…the user is, then, presented with 3 options of livestock to select – Cattle, Swine, Sheep & Goats.
Once the user has selected the a particular Production Livestock animal…he/she is presented with a wealth of useful information:

  • product nutritional benefits
  • dosage information
  • customer testimonials

Google’s search engine algorithm promotes websites that deliver user-desired content…the final stop to content so to speak. Given that knowledge, it benefits your site to tailor its information architecture to Google’s algorithm…removing steps or clicks for a user to reach the content they are seeking.
For more details on how to apply Information Architecture to your next website project, visit our site.

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