Just in case that iPad gets too heavy to carry…

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When it comes to purchasing the latest and greatest gadgets, I’m not exactly the first in line.  However, when it comes to a new fashion trend, my ears to perk up and I usually do rush to get in line.
I must say that I migrated to the wonderful world of skinny jeans a bit later than I would have liked and I’ll still live my life happily without a single pair of ballet flats, however the newest trend definitely has my attention and I can’t wait to see how quickly it is adapted.
Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the iTee and iDress, both of which can provide you with an easy and comfortable way to store your iPad on the go.  The iTee can be yours for $37.38 USD, and is available in both black and white, while the iDress can be yours $74.78 USD.
The dress is actually very stylish and you most certainly couldn’t find a cuter LBD for a lower price.  Unfortunately, the tees are not gender specific, although they look to be fitted so you could purchase a loose or snug-fitting shirt, depending on your taste.
I find it very interesting that a few years ago we couldn’t fathom the idea of what an iPad  would even consist of and now there are apparel choices related to the carrying the device.  It also makes me wonder what the next must have gadget is, and by chance, if a nice shoe will happen to accompany it.

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