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“Like” it or not, geo-location is here to stay. The game is quickly catching on as users readily adopt the latest social media craze. Late last week, Foursquare developer @harryh tweeted “I didn’t notice until just now, but @foursquare had its 40 millionth checkin a couple days ago. Neat.”
Neato it is. 40 million means that foursquare checkins have doubled over the past month. Doubled! But instead of celebrating a happy moment for the folks at the square, I’m concerned. There is a big old shark lurking in the geo-location water and it’s about to bite. Hard.
Dum dum dum. Yep, the big bad wolf of social networking is set to launch geo-location features in June. Will Facebook’s impending features hurt foursquare? Let’s answer with another obvious question, how could it not considering the instant pool of 100 million instant FB mobile users? Oh, PLUS the 300 million others who will be left wondering what’s up with all the location stuff.  For marketers, it seems like a possible instant win. Checkins linked to Fan Pages could open up a new window of Facebook opportunities, or headaches.
But we won’t talk about all of the potential headaches just yet. Maybe Facebook geo-loco will benefit Foursquare? If Facebook keeps the fun gaming aspect out and it’s just another checkin, the cheeky appeal of Foursquare could benefit from geo-loco attention. I like the idea of Foursquare winning out but only time will tell. And I’m not just saying this because I don’t want to lose street cred on my sweet 20 badges. Wait, no one cares? Oh, right. Back on point, one thing is certain: geo-location is living up to the hype presented at SXSW and you should be plotting geo-loco strategy regardless of the platform.

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