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I had a client phone me yesterday while I was out of the office.  As is often the case I’d forwarded my desk phone to my cell while on my way to a meeting.  So he apologizes to me for interrupting acknowledging he isn’t my only client.  “Chris, what have I ever done to make you think that?” I asked.
There was a pause at the other end and finally he responded, “well, now that you mention it, nothing.”
Now this is a great client.  He allows us plenty of strategic and creative latitude, appreciates our efforts and our work and he spends a fair amount of money with us.  So he should feel like he’s our only client, right?
I think every client has the right to feel like our most important, if not only client.  And unlike other agencies with the proverbial 800 Pound Gorilla, we’re fortunate to have a few Gorillas, a couple of Orangutans, some Monkeys, Chimps and even a Tarsier or two.  Let’s be clear before I go any further, this is NOT to imply that we think our clients are primates, I’m just carrying through with the 800 Pound Gorilla analogy.
Are we looking to add some Gorillas to our client list?  Of course we are.  But we also know that Orangutans and Monkeys can be great clients, too.  I’ve been with CurrentMarketing through some times when even a Tarsier was a great prospect and I think we look at every prospect today as a great prospect, regardless of their budget.  Essentially, we want to work with clients who have clear goals, will work collaboratively with us, bring us to the big table for strategic input and, naturally, pay us for our work.
When a CurrentMarketing client presents us with a challenge, I think every one — from Gorillas to Tarsiers — feels like they are our most important client. They believe that their challenge is the most urgent challenge on our plate.  And, at the end of the conversation, they will see that challenge as an opportunity for us both.
Oh, wait.  I gotta go.  My most important client is on the phone…

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