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Really, Diesel? Be stupid?

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As far as design goes, I have to admit, the ads are arresting…at first. Intriguingly, simple photos, just a line or two of copy, the tag line and the logo.
Technically, I would say these are good ads; but for this campaign I have to side more with my “what were they thinking?” feelings.
If Diesel was going for shock value, they accomplished it. But what they seem to be promoting are bad decisions, not cool clothes — unless the new cool is making stupid choices.
Maybe they were going for a tag line, like Nike® — Just do it. And hey, isn’t this lofty goal what everyone in this business is shooting for? But if this was Diesel’s aspiration, they fell very short.
See what you think…

Please, someone tell me how taking a picture of my who-ha, in a place where wild animals roam, makes me want to buy a bikini?

And hey, you know, you might have made a poor decision that ended up with a “gift” you get to carry around the rest of your life, but hey, the “gift” looks great in some Diesel shades. Be sure to be stupid so you can be this cool.
I guess I’m outside of the demo but I can’t imagine what about an STD would want to make someone want to buy sunglasses!

I must have these in the wrong order — this one had to come before the shade-wearing STDs.

I’m still not sure what they are trying to sell here.

You know, I was just thinking it would be a good idea to stick plastic object into my gluteus maximus.
These are just a few of the gems Diesel has produced for their “Be Stupid” campaign — there are a lot more where these came from.
At the end of the day, marketing and advertising should leave the consumer with a positive view of the brand. But this campaign does just the opposite for me.
Think of it this way: a good campaign should be like a good relationship.
It should intrigue you. Any foolishness could be mistaken for a since of humor (when, in fact, it’s pure stupidity). It should make you think. It should make you want to spend more time with it and it should interrupt your thoughts at the most inconvenient times.
To me, this campaign is like a bad relationship.
It’s kind of cute at first and it makes me look twice. But then after a while the intrigue slowly fades. Then the message gets obnoxious and it’s not saying much of anything I agree with. In fact, after seeing it for a while and noticing we don’t have that much in common, I look at it differently. It’s not so cute anymore. In fact, it’s pretty annoying. And pretty stupid.
Sorry, Diesel. I think we just ended our relationship.

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