Step Away from the Connection, Please.

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OK, there’s much to be said for the benefits of our connectedness today.  We’re always available, always in touch and always connected….or are we?

I remember when we all got our iPhones at the office.  I was hesitant, at the least, about being that connected.  The iPhone sat on my desk for nearly a week before I finally caved and activated it.  And boy did I activate it.

I was texting (with two teenage daughters, I was able to connect in their medium-of-choice for the first time), browsing, checking the weather, you name it.  I would pull my phone out in the middle of a conversation to seek out answers to a question that might arise, like “who was the Louisville Cardinals leading scorer in the 1986 Championship Season?”  Yeah, I was hooked.

Add to that, our ever-present laptops.  I habitually take mine home nightly.  And when I don’t, I can still connect to our workflow management application, CurrentTrack, as well as access my email and company calendar via my home computer.

And this pervasive connection to my workday is beneficial, no doubt.  Beneficial to our clients and beneficial to our bottom line.

Just don’t ask my wife or kids.

So tonight, I’m introducing a new benefit of this connectedness into my life.  I’m stepping away from the connection.

If you need me tonight, call my home phone.  I’ll be connecting with my wife and kids.

Email and phone message will be here in the morning…


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