Tablet users love to shop, but are retailers ready for it?

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In a recent study by Adobe Systems, tablet owners (55%) were more likely than smartphone users (28%) to use their devices both for shopping and making purchases. This is not a surprising fact, considering tablets usually have a bigger screen for easier viewing, and often mobile pages load faster on tablets than they do on smartphones. However, I wonder how many out of the 1,003 people surveyed had both a tablet and a smartphone? I’m lucky enough to have an iPad and an iPhone but use my iPhone strictly out of convenience. I would be curious to see the numbers divided by brand too (iPad vs. iPhone, Windows tablet vs. Windows phone.)

At any rate, this study shows the importance of retailers deploying a functional mobile site…but how important are apps for retailers? Well, according to this story, very important. ┬áIn fact, one in four people are switching to apps for shopping from the Web.

I think retailers are going to have a hard time keeping up, especially when 51% of those surveyed said their number one priority for 2013 was optimizing their main websites and only 43% even had mobile sites or apps in their top three priorities for the year.

Are you in retail? How prepared is your business for the tablet takeover?


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