Take your iPhone scuba diving if you want!

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I’ve heard horror stories of co-workers iPhones falling into the toilet… I didn’t ask. Or dropping out of a shirt pocket and into the sink while washing their hands. It’s enough to give an iPhone user the cold willies.

Internet remedies abound like placing a soggy iPhone into boxes of uncooked rice or in a baggy full of silica packets (assuming you have a baggy of silica packets laying around the house), in hopes of pulling out all of the moisture and saving the phone.

Read enough message boards and you’ll learn that some are successful, others not so much.

Electronics and water have been mortal enemies since the dawn of modern man. Paranoid, I’ve been known to carry a ziplock back with me to football games if there is even a hint of rain in the forecast. I pack a minimum of 2 ziplocks with me  when my son & I ride the log flume at Holiday World. Laugh, but it works and my iPhone is alive and kicking.

All of that looks to be a thing of the past. A small start-up called Liquipel has developed a formula that will waterproof your devices down to the molecular level. After placing the fragile electronic into a vacuum chamber, some sort of chemical mist is pumped inside. A few minutes later the chamber is opened and your once hydrophobic smart phone is as waterproof as Aquaman.

Rumors have surfaced that the next iPhones ship with the coatings on them and AT&T recently debuted a new waterproof tablet called the Element the should be on store shelves any day now.

The thought is pretty spectacular. Not having to worry about my toddler dropping my phone into the bath tub almost makes me want to let her play games on it. Shooting video or taking pictures as my son & I ride water slides this summer sounds even better. Who knows I might even write my next blog in the shower, just because I can.

In case you do get water damage on your phone, following this guide will help you get your phone up and running.

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