Turning a trend into a marketing strategy

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At Current360, we’re fortunate to partner with a wide variety of clients in the restaurant and beverage industries. To help them remain competitive, it’s important that we stay on top of emerging trends that can impact their success.
This requires constant primary and secondary market research, as well as taking advantage of our clients’ own experience and expertise.
The information we gather often reveals insights into shifting consumer behaviors. And these details are highly valuable. They can help future marketing executions differentiate our clients from competitors and speak to consumers more effectively.

Utilizing our findings to elevate a client’s overall brand

By sharing this information with industry publications, our client becomes an authority on the latest trends.
The publications provide a credible, third-party endorsement that helps to establish our client’s position as a category leader.
And, best of all, this earned media effort reaches a captivated audience for free.

From Tex Mex to tequila experts

Awhile back, we observed that super premium tequila brands were gaining a strong foothold with non-traditional consumers. We needed to find a way for our client, Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar, to take advantage of this development.
After our initial research efforts, we met with Steve Brooks. Not only is Steve the Director of Beverage Development for Tumbleweed, he also knows more about tequila than anyone we’ve ever met.
Steve was able to take our initial findings, then offer practical predictions on how this shift will affect the beverage industry and restaurants that feature tequila-based drinks.
With these insights, we crafted a white paper – The Six Hottest Trends In Tequila – that was distributed to various publications and bloggers.

The results were outstanding

The story was picked up quickly. Steve was quoted multiple times as an industry insider. And our client was pleased to be at the center of a lot of positive buzz. This all started because an interesting trend presented itself, and we found a way to use it to grow a client’s brand.
Check out the results of our research capabilities with Tequila White Paper.

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