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With the explosion of digital and social media marketing tactics, there’s no shortage of ways for brands to connect online with their audience. Yet, lost with this is the power of face-to-face connections. That’s why smart companies still look for ways to engage their audience through meetings and events.

The days of simply dragging your audience through a 55+ page powerpoint are over. Audiences expect more. They’re use to being entertained. And what better way to connect than to tell them a story. Because, everyone loves a great story.

Which is where the power of video comes in. Video allows people to see, feel, engage and and powerfully experience your brand and message.

“Consumers believe stories. Without this belief, there is no marketing.”
Seth Godwin, All Marketers Are Liars

Where to begin?

Begin with your desired end result. What do you want your audience to take away following your event? Do you want them to believe something? Do you want them to take action?

Try using the following as a framework for your video outline.

  1. SETUP – What is the setup of the story or message?
  2. ENGAGE – What is interesting about this and how can you most deeply engage them?
  3. LEARN – What do you want them to remember?
  4. REACTION – What do you want them to think? How do you capitalize on that reaction?
  5. REINFORCE – Closing and final audience takeaway. Make sure to reinforce the actions they should take.

Ask yourself these questions and follow these tips.

Consider your audience and what matters to them.

What is the best way to deliver the key takeaway?

  • Is humor appropriate?
  • Are examples appropriate?

What proof points can I share?

How can I deeply engage the audience?

What are your video essentials?

  • Remember music and timing can be KEY.

Stay focused on your end goal.

Video is a powerful medium, especially when viewed in a group setting. Thorough upfront planning goes a long way in creating an effective video for your next meeting or event.

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