What the #&!! were they thinking?!?!?! Parts III & IV

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Part III
Sitting at a red light on a main traffic artery in Louisville’s working-class south end last night, two small business signs caught my eye.
One was for a neighborhood bar:  D.T.’s
You’re joking, right?  A bar? With the same name as a symptom of alcohol withdrawal?

Wow.  Either somebody has a wicked sense or irony or black humor, or….ok, nevermind, I’ll go with irony.

Part IV
How about this one for a used car lot:  Circus Auto Sales.

My first mental picture was 14 clowns piling out of a Gremlin.  I had to laugh out loud.

Then I though, “who’s the king of the Circus?”  Of course it’s P.T. Barnum.  And we ALL know what P.T. (not D.T., mind you) said about used car buyers, right?


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