Working with my husband

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When I tell people that my husband and I work together I often get this reaction:
“I could never work with my spouse! And for me, I can’t imagine a day NOT working with my spouse. It feels strange when he is out of town or out of the office for a day. We work independently and in different areas of the agency and so we’re not on top of each other every moment of every day. Typically, we see each other in a meeting or two during the day, try to grab a quick lunch together and that’s about it, except for a break here and there to touch base on something personal.
In my previous marriage I didn’t have someone I could share my marketing passion with and it meant a lot of silence at the end of the day. My mind would race with ideas and I had no one to bounce them off. You see in this business, you’re almost always “working” because just moving through life means being bombarded with tons of messages and images. I’m always processing information and looking for new ways to reach people, observing how something is portrayed and produced. And my best friend happens to be my partner “in life” so we’re always sharing information about the latest communications technology, media we experience (a bad commercial — and good ones, too), etc.
I love working with my spouse and I love this business. The only time we silence the work chatter is while on vacation. And we go far, far away so we can’t be reached or found.
Fortune Small Business recently released a set of short bios on working couples here.

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