Next time, Xerxes!

I know what it must have been like to be a part of the 300-soldier company that battled at Thermopylae. We recently embarked on a journey to pitch a new


Enter Hulu TV 2.0

Are you tired of missing “The Office” every week… well not anymore thanks to Hulu.com. Now you can watch it when you want to, where you want to. Hulu was


That Hulu that you do so well

Well, Hulu officially launched yesterday after many months in beta. Better late than never? The “video online” market is fairly crowded right now, but Hulu does bring the powerhouses of


Top three websites, or maybe six

The website that I visit the most that helps me with my position as an account executive at CurrentMarketing is a tie between two: www.secondwindnetwork.com This site is a member-based


MySpace, Bonifer style

My wife refers to it as a “yard sale in waiting”. Others may think of it as cubicle chic. I simply call it “home” for roughly 52% of my weekly


What’s the next big thing?

It’s the new technologies that we’re focusing on in the marketing world because that’s what everyone wants. How can we be the first, the freshest? With all the excitement over


Politicals – ARG! Let’s all turn to the Internet!

As any media buyer worth her salt can tell you, political windows are the flu virus of our profession. We’re a healthy, consistent, loyal source of income for the stations


Geeks and Social Media

Yesterday morning Gary Gygax passed away, so I’m a bit nerd-sad at the moment. Like many other computer geeks, growing up I was into roleplaying games and Gary Gygax was


UGC and me

User generated content (UGC) is a buzz phrase that has our industry all atwitter.  Mostly, marketing communications processionals are scrambling to harness the power of UGC for to move product. 


Cool Workspaces

LifeHacker is one of my favorite sites to visit (or peruse via Google Reader that is) and yesterday they started a Coolest Cubicle Contest. One of the nice things about


Art Director 5.0

That is, 5 websites that promise to keep you in the know and know-how. John Nack on Adobe (Blog) There’s more than just Adobe stuff here, folks. As a senior


The Madness has Begun

In two days, we will officially be entering into my favorite time of year…March Madness. What’s not to love for a self-proclaimed basketball freak like me? Basically, there is 12


Buy DirecTV .. OR ELSE!

Two of my favorite things together: scary movies and advertising. Well, one thing at least. But you just can’t get any better than Annie Wilkes as a spokesperson in my


So you think you can text?

Text messaging has become a ubiquitous form of communication. It started with the technology savvy Millenials and quickly emerged as a part of every day life for all generations around


AdBlock Plus … guffaw!

Someone (yeah, I don’t know who) has developed a plug-in for Firefox called AdBlock Plus. If you have AdBlock Plus installed, it blocks all advertising that is served to you


How to draw an OS X gel button using ActionScript?

Recently, I completed a project in Flash that required all of the graphic elements to be rendered as vector shapes. I decided to use ActionScript only to draw every interface


Dog Days

As I continue to think about the place I would like to create for all of us to come to work each day-it occurred to me that having a dog


Event Marketing — Part 2

Earlier this week, I posted some initial points on successful event marketing. Today, I’ll share what I think are four keys to help any event be successful. Know Your Audience


Creative’s Worst Nightmare

It’s every creative professional’s worst nightmare: when the ideas just won’t come. You stare at a blank computer screen and every time that cursor blinks, you’re one second closer to


Is this the next big thing?

Everybody wants to be the person who stumbles across the next big thing. Mark Zuckerberg was they guy that created Facebook in ’04. It was initially a big deal at